Google Keyword Planner

Today we are going to tell you how you can use the keyword tool for your blog post for free.

So that you can rank your blog post well and get good traffic on the website.

Today we are going to tell you about Google Keyword Planner is Google's product through which

 you can do keyword research for free and find out the best keywords.

First of all, you have to go to Google and type there Google Keyword Planner, after then

you have to go to the first  website 

 then you will get to see some such interface,

 now you have to click on Start Now

free keyword tool
Click start button

, Click on Start Now

 After you have to go to Tools and Settings

 then go to Keyword Planner,

 then you will find two inboxes 

here, you have to go to Discover New Keyboards 

then there After reaching, you have to search a keyword,

 then you will find a lot of keywords related to that keyword there and along with the keywords, you

 also, get to see the search volume of those keywords,

Today we are going to tell you about Google Keyword Planner is Google's product through which     you can do keyword research for free and find out the best keywords.
see here volume of keywords

 in this way, you can easily find your blog post. You can find keywords and write articles according to good keywords on your website and bring good organic traffic to your website. Or Google's own products.
 Here, you will get almost the same search volume of keywords because Google is the only product

we have to bring traffic from Google.

If you get wet in blogging you have to work on long oil keywords because when you work on long-

tail Whats, it increases the authority of your website and you gain the confidence of the audience

because when your audience slowly If your contacts are made or the audience grows slowly, and you

get this audience organically, that's why work on long-tail keywords and the contact I must be

because the content is king.

What kind of keywords have high or low search volume

Some people may also have this question arising, so we would like to tell you that if you work on

keywords with high search volume, then your chances of ranking here are very low because in which

there is more search volume There is more competition and because you are selling here, then you

cannot do anything so fast, millions of websites are created on the Internet every day and you will


those Eyes have come a long way from the website it is only going to understand that you will have

to work out how you can find success in the blogging field.

You have to pick keywords whose search volume is between 1000 to 10000 because the competition

on such keywords is very low and you can very easily bring traffic to your website through their


If you want to know about some specific keywords saffron yourself, then you have to search on

Google in this way, you see

Keyword Planner vs paid research tools

Soaked here if we talk about Keyword Planner and Pet Research Tools, then we would like to tell


here that Keyword Planner Google Keyword Planner is very good in its place and it is almost equal to
paint tools because here you will find search volume Get to see

Pad keyword tool, if you do not have the right volume action here, but with the help of this, you can

rank your website very quickly and easily because with paid keyword research tools you will be able

to get very easily through many methods. Get traffic on your website quickly.