how can earn money from youtube

How to make money from YouTube, today we are going to tell you how can earn money from YouTube. let's get start it
how can earn money from youtube
 earn money from youtube

 So basically, As you all know YouTube is the world's largest search engine, after Google, YouTube is the only search engine that is the most searched and used by people in the world and we will tell you today Using how you can earn money from YouTube.

What is YouTube?

 YouTube is a search engine in which videos are uploaded by users and viewed by users only.
YouTube is a product of Google and is a search engine like Google, but in Google, you get to see text, but here you get to see videos instead of text, on YouTube you have to create a YouTube channel which we call Vologue and On Google, you have to create a block which we call blogging.

You know how you can make money from YouTube. If you talk about making money from YouTube, then mainly new users know Google Adsense, which can be earned through YouTube, but you will find many more here There are many ways through which you can earn a lot of money from YouTube.

Google Adsense 

All way of  how can earn money from youtube 

1- Google Adsense is the only product of Google. When Google AdSense gets a thousand subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time on your YouTube channel, then you send the approval of your YouTube channel on Google AdSense, then Google Adsense is verified by your YouTube channel If approves, then when users watch any of your videos, Google Adsense shows the ad to that user on your video, the day you get the money for that ad Lets the viewers who watch your videos, you get money by that and you earn money from YouTube or the first way is to earn money from YouTube, but right now here I am going to tell you more ways than you can get more from YouTube Can also earn money.
how can earn money from youtube
earn money

2-As your YouTube channel becomes popular, your earning gradually increases and you also get sponsorship. So that after you promote a product on your YouTube channel, the company of that product gives you money, this can give you a very good earning or depending on the popular D of your channel.

3- you can do affiliate marketing through your product. Affiliate marketing is like a sponsorship process but here you have to pick up a product of a company and give a link to the description of your YouTube channel when a user comes to your channel and of that gender. Through buying a product, according to the percentage of commission paid to you, according to the fixed price of that product Summary You get your commission. Amazon is the biggest company to do good affiliate marketing, the rest is by joining or can do with many other companies.

4-You can give your own service if you have a product of your own, then you can promote that product by showing it on YouTube and you can reach many audiences digitally, this will give you a lot of benefit because Here you can do any fieldwork like if you are a doctor, then you treat your patients in your clinic, reverse some videos of your ut Put on the YouTube channel so that anyone will come and watch your videos and contact you so that you can reach a lot of people.
If you work on YouTube through all these methods then you can definitely earn money from YouTube.

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