1. How to  start a blog in 2020

If you here and want to know that how to start blogging  in 2020 so  you are very lucky because now you are which stage where you can truly change your life through blogging and also others with your smart work  because blogging is one of the most best method where you can generate so much revenue and a lot of money.
Through blogging you can generate passive income because blogging is a very good passive income source. Once you grow with that then you can terminate like autopilot mode.

Autopilot mode can understand like when you are sleeping but your work on process  and you are making money imagine that movent, oh that’s movement very good for me like heaven.

Then after sometimes you can easily make a lot of income through blogging, with your smartness you can manage your work like a company and  you can hire your own team WHO‘ll be do work for you and then you ‘ll be a BOSS of your company.

So with any hesitation work and start your blogging career in 2020 because that’s time is very good for you, in blogging field day by day competition is growing but if you start today so for you competition maybe less but don’t be an affair for it because I am there, and I’ll provide you best knowledge to you, and properly guide, with my all instruction you ‘ll easily start your blog now Keep reading then you ‘ll clear with your all confusion.

Before talking anything else we want to talk about what is a blog and how you can start it like a profitable business which will be life-changing for you so without westing further much time let’s get start it about what is a blog.

So now I think you are cleared why should start your blog in 2020

2. What is a blog

So basically, we know that a blog is like a website where you provide some useful content to others that can help them to grow and something knowledgable for  them (our motive should help to other and provide audience best knowledge about the targeted topic because business  mean is helps to others and contribute in your best with then and their life then you ‘ll get amazing result from there).

Content  niche (topic) may be many types like Health and fitness, technology like mobile phone, Tab, Laptops, computers,   food blogging where you ‘ll give information in many keywords like how to make food, how to make tea like may others topics  now I think you understand what is a blog.

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